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Increase Your Home’s Value with These 5 Technology Upgrades

Technology can make your home more efficient and convenient. Now more than ever, smart home technology is affordable and easy to install. If you are ready to sell your home or just feel your home needs a bit of a technology boost, here are five technology upgrades that can increase your home’s value.

  1. Smart Thermostat
  2. Technology like Nest Home Thermostats can help regulate your electricity use and can keep your home comfortable at all times. The thermostat can sense when you are at home and away and adjust the temperature of your home accordingly. This can help lower your electricity costs and take some of the guesswork out of adjusting your thermostat.

  3. Smart Smoke Detector
  4. With a smart smoke detector, you can save up to 5% on your home insurance premium. More importantly, you can save you and your family’s lives potentially. Certain smart smoke detectors can even detect carbon monoxide and general air quality. They will also send an alert to your phone or tablet if something is not normal within your home.

  5. Smart Lighting
  6. Lighting your home takes up roughly 12 percent of your electricity bill. With smart lighting, you can adjust the lighting in your home from your phone and dim, shut off or turn on your lights with an app. This can help reduce your electricity usage and benefit your lifestyle with features like gradually brightening your bedroom as you wake up or dimming the lights as you plan to go to sleep. Smart lighting outside of your home can help keep your home safer as well with motion-detecting sensors.

  7. Smart Door Locks
  8. You will never find yourself frantically searching for your keys or having to hide your spare key under the mat when you have smart door locks. The Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled locks automatically detect when you are home and will unlock your door as soon as you are outside. You can also program the locks to allow for family members or guests (like a real estate agent) to access the home.

  9. Smart Moisture Sensor
  10. If you are trying to sell your home, the last thing you want is for water stains or mold to be present. Prevention is much cheaper when it comes to this type of damage to your home. With a smart moisture sensor, you can be alerted when there are leaks, humidity or changes in the temperature.

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